Onboarding Programs

With the increasingly complex and diverse technology landscape of modern enterprise environments, finding new staff that already have all the required skills is pretty much impossible.

This is where we can come in, to prepare and deliver a bespoke program for your new starters.

The team at TechBootCamp have been involved in running technical onboarding programs since 2002.


Development Programs

Our team have created global programs for some of the worlds largest and oldest investment banks on technical excellence, that have been then delivered throughout the world to ensure that best practices have been consistently adopted globally. These practices include things like Unit testing, Single click deployment, continuous integration, delivery and deployment, peer reviews, test driven and behaviour driven development and such like. We can tailor engineering excellence best practices for your team and also incorporate into that your chosen technology stack, whether .NET, Java/Spring, NodeJS or whatever it might be.


The range of choices available for DevOps best practices is huge, with multiple automated test engines, continuous integration and build engines, cloud platforms, container orchestration platforms and so on is vast. In addition there are then variations on how teams are structured within an organisation and how roles are defined. Regulatory compliance also significantly affects how devops best practices can be implemented within the constraints of security and regulatory requirements.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure management, cloud adoption, effective monitoring and log management using LogStash or Splunk is commonplace these days. How this is achieved and managed is an important skill for any new starters who you want to ensure hit the ground running when starting within your production support roles. We can tailor a program for your infrastructure, whether AWS, Azure, On Premises or Hybrid, we can ensure that we teach your infrastructure architecture and also ensure that we cover off how you monitor and maintain your existing platforms.

Program Duration

Program durations vary substantially depending upon experience of the new hires, complexity of the infrastructure and development landscape they are going into. To give an indication, the shortest onboarding program we have run so far is 4 weeks and the longest is 8 weeks.