Careers in Tech

This bootcamp will prepare you for your first job in tech. We are aiming at what many would consider to be one of the most skilled, which is a full stack developer. However, there are many different roles within the industry.

Software Developer

Software developers work in a variety of different programming languages. We will focus on Java or C# depending upon which location you complete the bootcamp, but there are many others. We pick the most commonly used platform in the Bootcamp city.


All software needs to be tested! Testers used to be those who simply made sure it worked by creating and running through manual test scripts. These days the role is more about automating tests so that they can be done by machines.

Production Support

Once an application has been created, it needs to end up in production. So who looks after that process of getting it there and then monitoring it and keeping it up and running? That is at least part of the role of production support.

Business Analyst

Who decides what systems should actually do? And how do they communicate that to technical people and non-technical people. That is the skill of the business analyst.


This relatively new role in IT is about the automation of application deployment so new versions of software can be put into production quickly, safely, and efficiently. The role of devops helps to automate this process so that frequent new releases can end up in production environments.

Project Manager

Somehow projects needs to be managed, and project managers are responsible for ensuring the projects get delivered on time and on budget meeting the requirements.