The Cardiff Curriculum

This curriculum has been refined over many years in the delivery of both apprenticeship schemes and graduate training programs. The contents cover the technologies listed below. In addition to the specific subjects below, you will also work in teams on a realistic software project. The focus will be a Java back end using Spring with a Web front end using HTML5/Javascript.

Java Programming Language

The Java Programming language is a mainstream enterprise technology language that is widely used around the world in enterprise application development. You will learn this language.

AWS Cloud Computing

Almost every major organisation now runs applications in the cloud. You will learn how to take advantage of the Amazon AWS Cloud platform as part of your training and optionally take an official AWS certification exam.

Web Technology

Web application development has undergone a major shift in recent years to more sophisticated approaches. You will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and also an appreciation of the various Web frameworks that are available.

Spring Framework

You will learn how to create microservices and reusable APIs in the form of REST services. Microservice architectures using REST is a very common approach for building modern enterprise systems. There are many ways to create these services, and you will be introduced to the Java Spring Framework.

Data and Storage

You will learn how databases work. Specifically relational databases using SQL, but also non relational databases such as MongoDB. You will also be introduced to big data and big data analytics using Hadoop.

Development Methodologies

All development is done in teams, and you will learn how these teams work effectively to deliver working software ontime and on budget. Optionally, you will have the opportunity to take a professional exam in Agile Scrum.