TechBootCamp Costs

The cost of this bootcamp is £7995

How much does it cost?
The total cost including VAT is £2900 or £1100 of each of the three modules.
What does this include?
It includes your electronic courseware, and all instruction.
Are there any other costs?
There is a charge for a cloud computing development environment if you require one, and then if you choose to complete any commercial exams then they have a cost associated with them. They range from around £178 (Java certification) to around £110 (£110 each for Scrum and Amazon cloud certification)
Are there any finance options?
The government do have a career loan which you can apply for. We can work with you with that if you would like to explore that option.
How do I pay?
We recommend a bank transfer although we can also accept card payments via PayPal