About TechBootCamp

Who is behind TechBootCamp?

Nick ToddConygre Consultants are the company behind TechBootCamp. Conygre have been delivering technical training since 1999 and their founder and lead instructor Nick Todd has been teaching professional software developers since 1997. He has also cofounded multiple businesses including meals.co.uk which was a Bristol based food delivery business and also GenomeAid which was a genetic testing startup.

Nick is also a BBC academy instructor, and travels globally teaching the graduate training programs for the large investment banks. In addition, he is an accredited AWS Instructor for the Amazon official curriculum.

We have launched the Bootcamp because we see a gap in the market for enterprise development training in a bootcamp style. There are quite a few bootcamps around offering the skills required by small companies and startups, but these technologies are not used so widely (if at all), in large organisations and corporations, and we wanted to create a bootcamp that would teach technologies more aligned to the enterprise IT world. Nick and his team have years of experience delivering graduate training for a variety of investment banks and the BBC, and also apprenticeship training covering enterprise technology for HMRC and DWP.